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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A high school in Carson City is planning an end-of-year field trip for 180 students to visit Reno for a day of fun before summer break. The teachers work with the school administration to arrange transportation and activities. To comfortably fit all 180 students for the 45 minute drive from Carson City to Reno, they decide to rent three 56-passenger charter buses. They book the buses for a 10 hour rental from 8am to 6pm at a rate of $150 per hour plus 5% fuel surcharge. This works out to $1,575 per bus for a total of $4,725. The school also tips 10% as a thank you for providing comfortable transportation, adding an extra $472.50 to the total cost. Overall, the cost of the Reno charter bus rental for the Carson City school field trip was $5,197.50, making it only around $29 per student for a fun and memorable end of year experience.


Example #2

A tech startup in the Bay Area wants to host an offsite team building event for their 150 employees in Reno, Nevada. They decide to book a 56 passenger charter bus to handle the transportation for the entire group. The transit time from San Francisco to Reno is about 4 hours each way. They rent the coach bus for a full day from 8am-8pm to allow plenty of time for the round trip plus activities. The total quote for their charter bus rental comes out to $5,100. This covers pickup and dropoff at their office, road tolls/fees, bottled water and snacks onboard. The quote breaks down to about $34 per person. The startup views this as a worthwhile investment to treat their hardworking team to a fun day of bonding and morale boosting activities outside of their usual office environment. They happily accept the quote and book the charter bus for their upcoming corporate event.


Example #3:

Transporting a high school football team from Carson City to Reno for an away game can easily be arranged with our charter buses. For a 56 passenger coach bus with restroom, TVs, and WiFi, we would charge around $150 per hour. The trip from Carson City to Reno is about 30 miles and takes around 45 minutes in each direction. Building in time for the game itself and some time before and after, a typical rental would be about 5 hours total. At $150 per hour, that puts the total cost at around $750. We never charge hidden fees and the quote is all-inclusive, covering gas, insurance. Renting a charter bus takes all the hassle out of coordinating multiple vehicles and ensures the team arrives together ready for the big game. Our service reps can provide an instant quote online to arrange transportation for your next sporting event.


Example #4:

A Perfect Day Trip to Lake Tahoe Looking for an unforgettable day trip from Reno? Consider chartering one of our luxury buses for a day exploring the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe. With comfortable seating for up to 56 passengers, our state-of-the-art buses will whisk your group from Reno up to the shores of North America’s largest alpine lake in just under an hour. Once there, you can soak in the spectacular scenery with a cruise across the lake on the MS Dixie II paddlewheeler. Stop for a picnic lunch at Sand Harbor or Zephyr Cove. In the afternoon try some hiking along the shore or relax on the beach. For a full day on the lake we would charge around $1,950 plus gratuity. With luxury transportation, amazing scenery and endless activities, a day trip to Lake Tahoe makes for an easy getaway that your group will always remember.


Example #5:

A wedding party in Reno needs transportation for 150 guests from their hotel to the ceremony, and then to the reception after. The total driving time needed is 6 hours to allow for enough time at each location. They decide to book a 56 passenger charter bus that can make 3 round trips to transport all the guests. For a Saturday in peak season, the rate for a 56 passenger bus is $125 per hour, plus 5% tax. So for 6 hours, their total rental cost comes out to $750 plus tax, for a grand total of $787.50. To make things easy on the wedding party, the bus company also provides a professional team at no extra cost. The bus is equipped with comfortable seats, A/C, a stereo system, and even a restroom for the longer drive. The wedding party is thrilled with the service, and decides to tip 15% for exceptional service, bringing their grand total to $906.13. Ultimately, transporting 150 people to their special event ends up averaging around just $6 per person – a small price to pay for convenience!

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